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The AEROTHLON is an extreme sports event. The Aerothlon combines speed hiking, paragliding & mountain biking and also follows this order. Starting from the event area in the valley, the speed hikers start in the direction of the paraglider launch site. From there the paraglider flies to a defined turnpoint and lands on the event site and hands over to the mountain biker. 
Each participant must have sufficient physical condition and experience in his/her discipline. Permission to start depends on acceptance of the conditions of participation. 
The inspection and the training are the personal responsibility of the respective athlete and must take into account the rights of the residents and property owners.

Launch Permission

All men and women who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to start.


The registration phase for the AEROTHLON starts on December 1st, 2022 and ends on June 30th, 2023. It is expressly pointed out that registrations can only be considered if all participants of a team register with full data and the entry fee in full has reached the organizer's account. If this is not the case, the registration is deemed not to have been received. The registration takes place exclusively via the online registration on our website and should be carried out by the respective team paraglider. All registrations received by email, post, fax or telephone will not be considered. During the registration period, the current list of participants with the starting places fixed up to that point will be published on our homepage. The organizer reserves the right to exclude persons from participation at any time without giving reasons.

Entry fee

The entry fee is to be paid when registering for the event. If a team withdraws from the competition up to 10 days before the competition, the entry fee will be returned in full. After this time, a return transfer is no longer possible, the entry fee expires in favor of the organizer. 
In the event of a complete cancellation of the event, the entry fee will be returned in full.

SOLO / Early Bird price until December 31st / € 50.- // from January 1st € 60.- /// Standard price from May 1st € 70.-
DUO / Early Bird price until December 31st / € 50.- // from January 1st € 60.- /// Standard price from May 1st € 70.-
TRIO / Early Bird price until December 31st / € 90.- // from January 1st € 100.- /// Standard price from May 1st € 110.-


Participant limit

The number of participants is limited to a total of 100 starting places or a maximum of 300 people. Registration is based on the “First come - first serve” principle.

Team composition 
For teams that are allocated a starting place during the registration phase, the following restrictions apply when exchanging team members: A maximum of 2 team members may be exchanged until June 30th, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.


Every participant is obliged to undergo a medical examination by a doctor before the competition. By participating, he/she confirms that he/she is in a perfect state of health to be able to meet the requirements of the respective competition.


All routes sometimes lead to exposed locations. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself in advance about the condition, the course of the route and the dangers that may lurk on the route. However, caution is generally required! Questions about the route are to be asked during the "briefing" in order to avoid ambiguities and the resulting wrong choice of route, use of unauthorized paths / shortcuts or failure to reach a turnpoint (etc.) by the team member and a resulting disqualification is avoided. 

The routes for the speed hiking & mountain bike part are always signposted, in addition GPX data including route descriptions are provided on the homepage for downloading for smartphones and watches.
For the paragliding competition, the waypoints are made available for download on the homepage ( It is recommended to inspect the track in advance and train on it.

Each participant is responsible for driving the correct route by following the GPX track or by prior inspection. We do not guarantee full signage to safely prevent straying from the route.


Bad weather variant

The AEROTHLON takes place in all weather conditions. If one or more competitions are no longer sufficiently safe due to whatever circumstances (weather, etc.), the competitions concerned will be postponed, shortened, only partially evaluated or completely cancelled. Which variant is used depends on the individual situation.

The race committee reserves the right to change the route at any time, to cancel a competition or to only partially evaluate it. The route is adapted to the weather and flight conditions.

Starter pack and check-in

The starter pack is handed out and the check-in takes place the day before the Aerothlon between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the community hall in Kleinarl and must be done by at least one person from a team. The GPS trackers will be handed out in the morning on the day of the race.


On the day before the Aerothlon there will be a mandatory briefing for all participants at 18:30 at the community hall in Kleinarl followed by a get-together. 

Pilot briefing

On the day of the event, there will also be a pilot briefing at 11:00 am, which will assess the flight conditions and announce any route changes.​



Athletes can participate in the categories solo, duo or trio. It doesn't matter whether you are a runner, paraglider, mountain biker or all-rounder - everyone will find their place at the Aerothlon.

Solo: You are a solo athlete and can complete the disciplines speed hiking, paragliding & mountain biking alone.


Duo: A duo team consists of a tandem pilot and an endurance athlete who completes the disciplines of speed hiking and mountain biking. Both complete the flight route together - the tandem pilot flies with the speed hiker to the start of the mountain bike route, where he mounts the mountain bike and drives to the finish. Exception: pilots of the opposite gender are also allowed in this category. 


Trio: Three athletes form a classic team relay and one specialist competes in each discipline. The handover takes place after each discipline in a handover area specified by the organizer and takes place by handing over the live tracker to the team member.

Additional information PARAGLIDING

For the paragliding competition, the competition regulations of the Austrian Aero Club – section hang gliders and paragliders as well as the Code Sportives apply. The anti-doping regulations must be observed.


Teams and solo athletes, in which all 3 disciplines have been properly completed, are included in the evaluation. Should one or more participants of the team be disqualified, the entire team is disqualified. 
In a total of six different ratings, women & men are rated in the three categories Solo, Duo & Trio. The top 3 of the daily rankings can look forward to high-quality non-cash prizes from our partners. 

Sponsor areas

It is prohibited for each participant to cover or remove any sponsor area of the organizer (start numbers, banners, headbands, etc.). The attachment of non-event sponsors along the route is prohibited.

Race Committee / Protest Committee

Only the race committee decides on all contentious issues. Protests must be submitted in writing on the day of the race up to 5 minutes after the end of the race in the race office (tent GPS issue) for a fee of € 100.00. No further appeal shall be allowed against the final decision of the Race Committee. 

Members of the racing committee 
Paul Guschlbauer ( - Sports Director
Simon Varges ( - Sports Director Deputy
Peter Brandlehner ( - Head of Aviation

Official staff

The instructions of the organizer's official staff (referees, timekeepers, marshals, doctors, etc.) must be followed. If an instruction is not followed, the corresponding participant will be given a time penalty or disqualified. This applies in particular if a doctor or paramedic prohibits the participant from further participation for medical reasons. Furthermore, a disqualification results if, due to various circumstances (accident,...) the start is interrupted by an official staff of the organizer but the applicant starts anyway or the respective competition is continued.

Prohibited aids

The use of aids (motorized climbing aids, crampons, weights for paragliding, doping, etc. (demonstrative list) as well as external aids of any kind are strictly prohibited. In the mountain bike discipline, only commercially available sports equipment may be used. Self-constructions are not permitted.


Unfair or dangerous actions of any kind towards other participants will result in immediate disqualification. We would like the participants to support each other in the event of an accident and to provide first aid.

Image rights

By participating in the AEROTHLON, each participant grants the organizer and the broadcasting TV and radio stations and photographers the irrevocable right to use the recordings (audio and video) made by them in connection with their participation in the AEROTHLON without compensation and without any time or space restrictions evaluate and publish any technical process for any permitted purpose.  



Participation in the AEROTHLON involves certain and uncertain risks for the participants. By signing the conditions of participation or by ticking the box when registering online with the consent of the conditions of participation, the participant declares that if he suffers damage or gets injured, he will not report it to the organizer, who is responsible for the competitions Vereinen will assert claims for compensation of whatever kind. In addition, the participant confirms by signing the conditions of participation that he has valid personal liability insurance and personal leisure time accident insurance that covers his participation in the AEROTHLON. The participant will indemnify and hold harmless the organizer for all damage that he incurs as a result of his participation in the AEROTHLON.


The race committee reserves the right to change or supplement these regulations at any time.  



Each participant agrees that his/her name will be published if he/she is determined as the winner of a discipline or as the overall winner in the winning team and/or gets on the podium. Likewise, each participant agrees that photos or film recordings or interviews made by him/her during the event may be published in any media (also online) for reporting on the event or for its promotion , without the participant being entitled to any claims whatsoever in this context.


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